At home with Lisa Pollock

At Home with Lisa Pollock


We are so proud to stock our pieces in the Seaweed & Sand Stores in NSW. These gorgeously styled stores reflect Australia’s love of living by the sea. The Seaweed & Sand Team recently caught up with us on a trip up North and shared their visit on their blog. For those of you that missed it – here it is…

On a recent trip up north we were lucky enough to catch up with Lisa Pollock, who creates the most beautiful and inspirational homewares and art pieces. Her creations fill our stores with a lot of warmth and love and it was such a thrill to see just how busy her Head Office and Warehouse (just minutes from the golden sands of Burleigh Heads) are. A mere ten minutes drive from her Warehouse and Office is the place she calls home… a completely lush and tropical hideaway amongst the trees, in the beautiful hinterland. So close, yet a million miles away.


What is the inspiration behind your designs? 

My inspiration comes from all around me daily, my range Gypsy Spirit was created after I found a feather 3 days in a row while walking on the beach, each time I picked one up ideas just starting flowing! The lesson for me is to be aware of the signs the universe is gifting me!!! Sometimes in my crazy busy world it’s easy to miss the small things. Also there is nothing better than turning the music up & dancing around the studio to get the inspiration flowing… Many an idea or affirmation has been created between busting some moves! I think dancing frees the spirit 😉 (our Neighbours are lucky we have 6 acres!)


Tell us about your life on the Gold Coast?

Well, our friends call us the “Cavers”. We find it hard once we come home to our little sanctuary to venture out again. Our world is so busy so on the weekends I love nothing more than just hanging with my beautiful family. At the moment we can’t pull ourselves away from being cuddled up in front of our fire! It just warms the soul.  But when we do venture, the beach is only 10 minutes away – a beautiful morning swim just energises you for the whole day or a National Park walk down at Burleigh Headland. We also love heading for the Hinterland for some happy camping and getting back to the basics. Living on the Gold Coast offers you the best of both worlds, we are truly very spoilt and blessed!

You have recently renovated your beautiful house, what advice do you have for people looking to renovate?

Take your time!! PLAN, PLAN, PLAN! Don’t get caught up in the small stuff and enjoy the journey! It’s such an amazing experience to create a home that truly reflects who you are. Don’t lose sight of that!

What are some of the things you cannot live without?

Am I allowed to say CHEESE?!? Lol!! No seriously I need the ocean, the forest and anything to do with nature to surround me. Without this I don’t feel balanced in my world. Plus I can’t go without my morning kisses from my son, my beautiful husband that grounds me daily and my morning cuppa … and did I mention wine!!!



You have a really beautiful and calming energy about you… What drives that energy?

Mmmmmm… I think the happy team at work may have a little giggle at that! No seriously…. it’s a daily struggle to find that balance between my business world, my creative world and family world and to keep that energy surrounding me. I think that’s why I love painting and writing affirmations, usually they reflect where I am at in my life and remind me daily to see how truly blessed I am. It keeps me grounded & true to the moment. I spend a lot of time just sitting on my favourite rock down at my little creek with a cuppa surrounded by the stillness of nature. Being immersed in such peaceful calm enables me to clear my mind, re-energise and believe that everything IS possible and to never ever give up on my dreams…!





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