Eco-friendly Bamboo

When it comes to the food world…There is not much I love more than cheese! It’s an absolute standard at any barbecue or gathering I hold and who doesn’t love cheese and crackers with a wine?

This lead me to thinking…why not create something unique, which is usable in our Australian lifestyle, that everyone can appreciate & enjoy? There was no reason I couldn’t replicate my original artwork on to a beautiful eco-friendly product for everyone to share!

So began the journey of our eco-friendly bamboo entertainers range…It has been an interesting path so far & has surely exceeded my expectations with the overwhelming, positive response from stockists & public customers alike! The first round of bamboo SOLD OUT on pre release sales which absolutely blew my mind! Something I’m so very grateful for! And after such high demand we went ahead with round two of the eco-friendly bamboo range but took it one step further to include some beautiful home decor pieces in the way of affirmation plaques.

For the second release of bamboo it made absolute sense to incorporate the recent Australian Native designs on to the product and I’m thrilled (to say the least) with the final outcome!

Because I only ever want to bring the highest quality goods to the market, I travelled to our bamboo supplier’s factory and worked closely with them on sampling. This allowed me the opportunity to see exactly how the process takes place from the first piece of bamboo which is cultivated directly by them, to the final printing of the product. It gave me such a high appreciation of what it takes to bring this quality product to you and I am thankful to our supplier for putting in such wonderful effort in production to enable me to bring this beautiful range to you. I truly hope you ENJOY! xxx Lisa



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