With the Australiana Theme being so strong in gifts & home wares recently it only seemed fitting that I should continue this with my own versions of some beloved Australian Fauna & Flora.

The sketching of this koala was by far one of my fave pieces to bring to life. With every pencil stroke I could see this cute little character appearing before my eyes and before long the kindness was shining back at me through his (or hers) eyes. There wasn’t a thought of gender behind this iconic Australian symbol when I started to put pencil to paper, and I still think you can decide for yourself.


For me the Australian Natives range evokes a sense of belonging. We truly do have so many animals & plants which we associate as being our own, & whenever we see, hear or smell them we feel at home…Like the scent of the gum leaves on a warm summers day, the sound of the cicaadas chirruping through the trees & the sight of a kookaburra perched high on a telegraph wire!

Seeing my sketches transform from original artwork to the final product for your home is something I always truly love!

I hope that in some small way some of the Australian Natives designs make you smile & find a place in your world so you can share in the spirit of Australia with me.

xxx Lisa

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