This range was originally created specifically with Mother’s Day in mind, but it’s for every woman, any little girl, or anyone who wants to DREAM BIG & believe in themselves. It’s about spreading your wings!

The more I painted the more it evolved, and I had a divinely, innate feeling of releasing my soul…I wanted to throw my arms in the air and just believe.

The colours of pink are all about self-love and feeling worthy and that we all are created as mother’s, sisters, friends…just trying to be the very best version of ourselves.


The more I painted the more it instilled hope in my soul…it was like a healing…of me, and everything I want to do and everything I believe in. It was about trusting that I can create my wildest dreams…I can be that incredible mother…that I can share what I do with others…It was about spreading my wings and just letting the universe take my flight to totally new levels.

For me this range instills love, nurturing, hope and beautiful, beautiful dreams that are supported by the ones you love, by yourself, be your children and just letting yourself truly be free.



The wings in this artwork represent two halves of a perfect relationship, two halves of your beautiful soul, two halves of everything and without each other we could not fly.

In the middle is an intricate, detailed mandala pattern which symbolises coming full circle…the realisation of how very lucky and how very blessed we are to have each other.

It is my hope through this Wings of Love range that you will find the sense of freedom, love and       belief to follow your dreams and truly fly…You are Worthy!


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