Meet Lisa

Happy Hello...I'm Lisa Pollock
Artist, wife mum & happy creator of Art from the Heart...
A small family business based on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia.
Bringing you heartfelt decorative pieces in gifts & home decor.
It's my wish that through my artwork, I may in some small way inspire
others to believe in the magic of their dreams & to never ever give up!
Each design & product is created in the hope of bringing a little more
peace, love, gratitude & laughter into our crazy busy worlds.
Always remember...Life is too short...too amazing & too beautiful
not to believe in the magic that lies within you...Just go for it!
I thank you all for your beautiful support, belief & being part of my dream!
Without each & every one of you it would not be possible...
I am deeply touched & so very grateful.
From my heart to yours, I wish you an amazing life's journey.
Lisa Pollock