Proudly Australian Artist…Wife, mum & happy creator of Art from the Heart…It’s my wish that through my artwork, I may in some way inspire others to believe in the magic of their dreams & to never ever give up! Each design & product is created in the hope of bringing a little more peace, love, gratitude & laughter into our crazy busy worlds.  I thank you all for your beautiful support, belief & being part of my dream!


CERERIA MOLLA is a leading manufacturer of artisan candles and fragrances. The company was founded in 1899 in Spain and has been creating handcrafted candles ever since. Cereria Molla candles are made with all-natural ingredients and are free of synthetic fragrances and dyes. In addition to these beautiful candles other products offered include room sprays, incense sticks, oil diffusers & more.


DWBH Homewares is known for its unique style of home and gift products that enhance living spaces. We will work closely with one of the original creators of DWBH to continue the Don't worry, be happy spirit. We share our commitment to creativity, quality, and passion, and we are excited to bring new and innovative products to our market in early 2024.